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  • Eddie y sus Boleros

    Nov 2014
    - 18:00 -

    This Sunday Santa Ana Tapas Bar will be The home of Bolero (La casa del Bolero).

    This music is just FANTASTIC.
    138-140 Acland St. St. Kilda, Melbourne.
    TRAM 96 & 16

    Though Cuba was the original source of the bolero in the late 19th century – and synonymous with it since the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon – it was actually Mexican artists that made the bolero one of the first world music crazes. As the sleeve notes of this wonderful compilation explain, it all started in 1927 when the young composers Guty Cárdenas and Agustín Lara penned entries for a song contest in Mexico City. For much of the next three decades, Mexican boleros were popular throughout Latin America, fuelling the burgeoning cinema and radio industries and sound tracking the country’s nightlife until they were eclipsed by the mambo and cha cha cha – once again from Cuba.

    Booking: (03) 9077 6679

    A GOZAR!!!